Q. Who will provide my new Land Rover?
A. Land Rover models are supplied directly from one of the UK’s main Land Rover dealers. We do not deal in imported vehicles.

Q. How many keys will be given to me with my new Land Rover?
A. All Land Rover vehicles are delivered with two keys.

Land Rover Leases

Q. What kind of lease options are available?
A. Land Rover on Lease caters for both Business and Personal Land Rover leasing agreements.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum durations for Land Rover lease agreements?
A. Our most popular vehicle lease agreements for Land Rover are from 24 to 36 months, however, we aim to provide as much flexibility as possible with our leasing contracts and can arrange a lease for as little as 12 months and up to 48 months if required.

Q. What is the typical down payment for a Land Rover Contract Hire agreement?
A. Usually, the initial down payment equates to 3 or 6 regular monthly payments. However, larger and smaller initial payments can be arranged if required. The higher your initial down payment is, the lower your monthly payment will be.

Q. How are the Land Rover lease payments made?
A. Monthly payments for your Land Rover Contract Hire agreement are collected via Direct Debit.

Q. Can the annual mileage allowance be increased or reduced during the agreement period?
A. Increases to your Land Rover mileage allowance can be arranged by contacting us. It is important to keep in mind that increases to your mileage allowance will increase monthly lease payments. Reductions to mileage allowances are not able to be arranged after the contract has begun.

Supplying your Land Rover

Q. Is there a delivery fee for my new Land Rover?
A. No, delivery within the UK mainland is FREE. We can arrange for your Land Rover to be delivered to your work or home address.

Q. Who will deliver my new Land Rover?
A. All Land Rovers are delivered by an approved Land Rover driver. By prior arrangement, vehicles can be delivered by transporter; this will attract an additional fee. Please enquire about this option to find out the cost if you would like to have your Land Rover delivered via transporter.

Maintaining My New Land Rover

Q. Do I have to insure my leased Land Rover?
A. Insurance must be organised by you and begin from the date the Land Rover is delivered to your chosen address; this is a legal requirement. Fully comprehensive insurance policies must be in place for the duration of your contract. Insurers must be told that the vehicle is registered to the finance company and is on lease to you.

Q. Who is responsible for services and maintenance of my new Land Rover?
A. If leasing your Land Rover on a no-maintenance contract, you will be responsible for all servicing requirements. Services must be carried out to Land Rover’s specifications, details of which can be found in the Land Rover’s handbook, or in the online brochure which can be downloaded from our website. If you elect to include maintenance in your lease agreement, servicing costs are covered by Land Rover on Lease. Maintenance inclusive agreements attract a higher monthly fee and initial down payment.

Q. What should I do if my Land Rover breaks down?
A. Roadside assistance is included with all Contract Hire agreements made with Land Rover on Lease.

Q.  Is my vehicle covered by a warranty?
A. Each new Land Rover leased by Land Rover on Lease comes with the full UK manufacturer’s warranty.

Ending My Lease

Q. Where do I return my Land Rover to at the end of the lease period?
A. There is no need to return your Land Rover at the end of the agreement period as it will be collected by an approved Land Rover driver from your work or home address.

Q. What standard should the condition of my Land Rover be in at the end of the lease period?
A. All Land Rover vehicles need to be in a condition that is appropriate for their age and the mileage covered at the end of the lease period Fair Wear and Tear Standards are provided by an independent body, the BVRLA, for end of lease vehicles.


Q. If I have an accident, who do I notify?
A. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, you’ll need to let your insurance company know so they can negotiate directly with the leasing company. We recommend you check directly with your insurer as each company has different policies and procedures for these incidents.

Q. If my credit history is poor, can you help?
A. All of Land Rover on Lease’s lease agreement products are only available to businesses or private individuals who have a good or higher credit rating. Our parent company ACL Automotive may be able to assist you if you rating is lower than this. Please visit their website for further details.